To the excitement of its fans, NBC's hit crime series, Law & Order: SVU, will make its return with an all-new episode next week, which is titled The Edge of Winter.

Judging by the recent post by E!Online on March 14, it appears as though Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) just may become a mother to the baby boy without a family that was on the program earlier in the season.

Executive producer Warren Leight spoke to the entertainment site and shedded some light on Baby Boy Doe, whom he says is still has some legal formalities surrounding him.

"Look for a follow up with Baby Boy Doe in episode 19. 'That baby right now is caught in the system," he said.

Leight also went on to elaborate that the boy has continued to get shuttled from foster home to foster home due to no one stepping up to claim responsibility for him.

"No one has come forward, no one is in the system who is related to the kid and the kid is getting shuttled from foster home to foster home."

Being that the child doesn't have any clear-cut caretakers, the E.P. stated that Olivia Benson has been coming around to show her concern.

"Even the bureaucrats in charge of the kid are being rotated. So it seems to me the only one who is really concerned for Baby Boy Doe, aside from our fans, is Olivia Benson. So in 19 we'll get just a little follow up on it. But Baby Boy Doe doesn't have a name or a family yet and Olivia is showing up."

NBC's Law & Order: SVU will be airing its eighteenth episode on Wednesday, March 19. Be sure to keep checking back with Enstars for more of the latest information on the program.