'Shameless' Season 5 Cast: Frank Gallagher's Top 10 Moments, Including Having Son Hit By Car & More [PHOTO, VIDEO]

As we wait on pins and needles for Shameless' season 5 premiere, let's take a look back at the Showtime's favorite shameless protagonist, Frank Gallagher and what makes this deadbeat dad so loveable.

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Ranting Drunk (although he was graced with a new liver in season 4), Verbal Abuser, Selfish Conniver, Deadbeat Dad (of 6 kids better off without him), and according to Lip, a "Total F---ing A--hole": Meet Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy), star of Showtime's groundbreaking comedy.

Den of Geek opines: "Frank is the most vile, repugnant, reprehensible, and all around irredeemable low-life who has ever had the nasty fortune to scurry across the TV screen in his own weekly series. And we love him for it."

A list of Frank's Top 10 Most Shameless Moments compiled across the seasons shows us why we can't get enough of him:

Frank Gallagher's Top 10 Most Shameless Moments:

1.      Frank Screws Dottie "Butterface" To Death For A Flat Screen TV

Frank woos a woman in need of a heart transplant that,  tries to marry her, then intercepts the notice telling her she has a new heart, then screws her to death... all to be put in her will and get that pension.  Dottie gives him $2000 and a flat screen TV instead.  Ahh... newlyweds.

2.      Karen Rapes Frank In Revenge

16- year-old Karen Jackson (Laura Slade Wiggins) lashes out at her ultra-religious father (who slut-shames her) by raping Frank while he's on pills, taping it and posting it online. Welcome to the YouTube generation.

3.      Frank Pretends To Be His Estranged Daughter's Boyfriend For A Liver

Frank "woos" his daughter whom he has never met before into giving him her liver after only 2 dates when he is diagnosed with cancer.  Yes, he kisses her, grinds on her, and peeps her in her underwear - although he's not that into it.

4.      Frank Has Son Carl Get Hit By A Car

Why? To throw off the pesky insurance fraud investigator chasing his tail. Why else would you have your son hit by a car?  (Carl is played by Elliott Tittensor) 

5.      Frank Trades Baby Liam For A Gambling Debt

Frank uses black baby Liam as a panhandling prop to get together $10,000.  Then he allows him to be kidnapped without a second thought.

6.      Frank Takes A Heroin Bath

Covered in filth and dying, Frank's given the nastiest bath known to mankind.

7.      Lip Takes A Leak On Frank

After finding that Frank banged his girlfriend, his son Lip (Jeremy Allen White) urinates on his father from above.  Father - son bonding time?

8.      Frank Calls Child Protective Services On His Own Family

Enough said.

9.       Frank Gives Himself a Hand-job with his Suicidal Wife's Clammy Hand

Now that's matrimony.

10.   Frank Gives His Son A Drink As He Curses His Maker

After surviving liver failure, Frank tells God, the world, and himself that he's "still here ya f---er!.. I'm alive mutha f---er!"  Then he gives Carl a drink "little nip won't hurt ya". Great parenting moment.

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Want to see more Shameless moments? Tune into Showtime for details on Season 5's return.

# 10 Frank Curses His Maker - Season 4 Finale

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