In a recent interview, Mark Wahlberg spoke about filming for Transformers 4: Age of Extinction and also about how Michael Bay kind of "freaked" looking at Wahlberg's "stringy" physique.

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While speaking to the LA Times about working on the film and signing on to do sequels, the actor recalled an interesting anecdote. After getting done with the primary filming for Transformers 4: Age of Extinction the actor ha started prepping for his upcoming role in the remake of The Gambler (1974). Wahlberg had to lose 60 pounds to be able to fit the part of a literature professor with a gambling addiction. Wahlberg had to return to do a few pick-up shots for Transformers during that time, and his wiry frame became a cause for concern for Bay.

"I had to come back for some pick-up shots," Wahlberg said. "So when Bay saw me, he freaked. He was used to seeing me on the healthier side. But here I am skinny with long, stringy hair. He was like, 'You can't look like that!'"

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The actor also spoke about how filming for Ted in the past gave him some experience working with imaginary characters which are later worked in with the help of CGI.

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"Ted was definitely a good warmup," Wahlberg said. "With Ted, it was a more intimate setting. But this movie is much bigger and more intense. You've got eight Autobots talking to you at the same time. There's nothing but a pole or a stick really there. You've got to believe and totally commit. The most difficult part of acting is when you look ridiculous and have to confront the risk of looking foolish. You've got to be on the whole time. You can't phone it in."

Transformers: Age of Extinction will release on Jun. 27 2014. 

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