Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has added more rivalry to the mix by creating conflict between her original ALDC dancers and the freshly minted newbies. They both got featured, so get ready for a dance-off!

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"What I was suggesting [to the network] was that we go around the country and do four mega-conventions, workshops, masterclasses that I do anyway on my own," says Miller. "I wanted to cut all of that in and do it bigger, on a grander scale, to find the next cast of 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.'"

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition got shelved for the time being for Miller to film Abby's Studio Rescue, so she simply made use of all the young dancers they'd recruited reported Zap2It on May 6.

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Miller promises head-to-head rivalry between herself, dance teacher rival Cathy and old and new dancers for the upcoming season.

"Some of the weeks it will be me going up against Cathy. Some weeks it will be the original team and I might bring in a kid from the new team to dance with them."

Unfortunately, Abby's Studio Rescue won't be rescued this season.

Miller also plays the role of music producer on Mackenzie Ziegler's debut album, Mack Z. It's debut song, It's A Girl Party, zoomed up the iTunes charts.

But Mack Z's not the only Ziegler launching into music. Her older sister Maddie Ziegler is helping singer Sia's Chandelier video soar to fame by dancing in it. The ingénue twirls her way to 5 million views!

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