The epic ending to Season 2's Viking's finale left us with Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) looking out across the vistas - a newly minted king. He had just executed king Horik, and now takes in the mountainous new world before him. Who would he conquer next and who are his enemies? Show creator Michael Hirst gives us the scoop.

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The TV Academy spoke with Hirst about what enemies Ragnar could face given that he just dispatched fellow Viking rulers Horik and Jarl Borg reported Zap2It on May 15.

"It's implicit in episode 2 of Season 2 that if he wanted to be, or if he's always meant to be, King Ecbert will be a very formidable foe to Ragnar," Hirst says. "He's a similarly intelligent guy and a strategist. We have to see how that works out because at the moment it seems like they have the same agenda, but do they have the same agenda?"

That "same agenda" was Ragnar's desire to farm good English soil, in exchange for King Ecbert's need for Viking warrior force to conquer others.

But Ragnar doesn't only face international enemies, he faces a new "significant potential enemy" who is "threatening the kingdom" at home too.

"There's going to be a new enemy on the home front," Hirst reveals. "Inevitably, once you become king, you become a target."

For a man that just wants to farm, the foes are adding up. With enemies at home and abroad, Ragnar must go after his main target - Paris.

"We're building up to the big raid on Paris," he says. "It's not just a raid. It's also a siege." Which would obviously make the king of France an enemy.

 Ragnar Storms Paris and The United States? Showrunner Tells Us To Get 'Ready'

Enstars reported earlier (May 10), on Hirst describing the historically based attack on Paris:

"The attack on Paris is a very, very famous event in history. Paris was this extraordinary city that the Romans had built, and [at that time, it was] on an island in the middle of the Seine," he said. "It had walls around it and towers and everything. And the Vikings attacked it with a hundred ships."

"It was an extraordinary event. The siege of Paris lasted a long time and led to many, many unexpected things. I've warned everyone in production -- 'Hey, guys, I'm afraid in Season 3 we attack Paris with a hundred ships. So I hope you're ready.'"

Rumors swirl that Ragnar not only wants to take Paris, but later on America!

 "Yes. I've said that the show is not going to end until we discover America."

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