Tim McGraw is too busy gushing about his wife Faith Hill to pay attention to any divorce rumors.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Planning to Adopt?

The Southern Girl singer dished to the Orange County Register recently on his new wife joining him for his newest song Meanwhile Back at Mama's.

"That song just puts good images in your head and it's good to hear my wife sing on it, which is always a bonus for me. I always tell everyone, every time I have to sing with her, it's like a NASCAR running with a Formula 1...I can't keep up."

Tim McGraw Talks Making Music With Faith Hill

While McGraw is a country singing superstar who has travelled around the globe, he said going home and enjoying quiet and quality time with his family is just what he needs at times. Those moments also inspired him for the new single.

"We all live in the fast lane all of the time. It's nice to have something remind you to stop and take a break and music great about reminding you to do that. We certainly have 'no phone zones' as much as we can, but its tough in this connected world. We have nights where there's no Twitter or Facebook and we have friends over for 'no social media' night."

Sometimes it might be good for the family to disconnect as internet reports insist that he and Hill are heading for divorce. Fortunately, they've been able to simply laugh at the rumors.

During an interview in November 2013, McGraw said, "I saw one where it said we were having a $135 million divorce."

Hill chimed in and said, "I said, 'let's do it'" before McGraw added, "Let's see if we can find where that $135 million is at."

Hill then joked they'd use the fortune to run away together.