'Jurassic Park 4' Spoilers: Chris Pratt's Character To Train The T-Rex And Raptors To Be 'Good Dinos'? [VIDEO]

As filming for Jurassic World is currently underway, more plot spoilers are surfacing and some surprising information regarding the dinosaur breeds and the usual suspects who wreak havoc in the dino franchise have been revealed.

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Inerestingly enough it seems like the T-Rex, who has always played anatagonist, will be switching sides this time around and be something of a protector for the humans. JoBlo recently got information from an insider that Chris Pratt's character will actually be a dinosaur trainer and he will be working with the T-Rex and the raptors, i.e. the "good dinos." Both the beasts will help fight a brand new breed of dinosaurs, which will be untameable. It seems like they will be the product of an experiment gone terribly wrong.

The chief monster of the jungle will be a hybrid of a T-Rex, snake, cuttlefish and raptor. It seems like this dinosaur will be the most dangerous of all series as it will have the characteristics of a cuttlefish, which is also known as the chameleon of the sea. Which means, the dinosaur can easily ambush its victims.

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The Jurassic Park films are based on Michael Crichton's series of novels about pre-historic beasts being revived by revolutionary gene technology. Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley are co-producing the film alongside Steven Spielberg, who directed the first two installments in the franchise.

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The film will hit theaters on June 12, 2015.

Watch a trailer for Jurassic Park here:

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