Teen Wolf is gearing up for season 4, and MTV has released several new sketches to make fans worry as they weather the wait.

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Beacon Hills' supernatural contingency will be facing off with a host of new baddies this summer, and the series' latest images may show off one or two of the pack's upcoming tormentors.

Based on previous reports, it looks like Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pals will be spending the second half of their junior year battling the mysterious Benefactor and Kate Argent's new werejaguar form. Looking at the pictures above, it appears that the Benefactor may be the malicious looking, long-limbed darkness that has perched itself on a pseudo-throne.

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Featured in two of the three drawings, the possible baddie is never alone. Apparently a fan of run-down places, the dark figure can be seen menacing a male teen in a dilapidated hallway and then seen again conversing with a female in an abandoned church.

While the identity of the male is unknown, there is a very good chance that the female could be Kate Argent. This is a very plausible theory from Meagan Tandy (Braeden), which she posited when fans asked if it was Braeden.

"Oh no my loves, I just like the sketch. That's not me!! Looks like Kate if u ask me but I really don't know. #teenwolf," Tandy tweeted on Tuesday.

It would be an awfully big coincidence if the Benefactor and Kate simultaneously arrived in Beacon Hills without any prior connection.

Find out more when Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 23.