The Teen Wolf crew will have an unusual number of human problems to deal with during season 4, but there will be plenty of decapitations to tend to when they head back into Beacon Hill's supernatural underground.

Scott Tackles 'Very Human Problems' & 'Difficult' Family Times During Season 4 Of Teen Wolf

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his pack will be taking on more than one villain when the MTV series return this summer. The True Alpha will have his hands full between Kate Argent's (Jill Wagner) new werejaguar personality and the mysterious Benefactor, but it remains unclear as to which of these baddies - if any - will be fond of separating their victims from their heads.

"This season is super cool, guys. It's not as dark as season 3B. It's a lot funnier. There's a lot of old school season 1 and 2 humor in there," teased writer Ian Stokes, according to Hypable. "Huge body count, though, always. We need a lot of decapitated prop corpses this season."

How Will Scott Rebuild His Pack On 'Teen Wolf'? Jeff Davis Teases New Additions

Meanwhile, E! has revealed that a new hired gun will pop up around episode 6. While it is unknown who sent him and who he is gunning for, it is known that his name will be Fahey, and he will be frightened of someone.

Could Fahey somehow tie into the mass decapitations? Fans will have to tune in to Teen Wolf's June 22 premiere to start unraveling the new season 4 mystery.

Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 23.

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