Teen Wolf's supernatural youngsters have grown up a lot over the last three seasons, but the Beacon Hills pack will be making a major maturity leap following Allison's death and Stiles possession.

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Season 3B was a particularly trying time for Scott's (Tyler Posey) cohorts, and the loss of the young hunter and the destructive impact of the Nogitsune will leave ripples throughout the upcoming season.

"I don't think they are going to be the same. I don't," Posey said of Scott and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) while at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. "I think every experience they have changes them a little bit, but this one especially they really had to mature and realize that life sucks sometimes. It's good sometimes too, but it does suck. Like at the end when Scott and Deaton are talking and he says, 'Life's not always good and life's not always bad.' I think that's a perfect sum up of the entire season 3B."

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However, this maturity will push the boys a little bit further from their emotions.

"I think that everything that happened last season in 3B, I think they all kind of

have matured and are a little numb," Posey explained. "I think they are a little numb. I don't think that they have as many feelings. When big tragedies like that happen, at least from human experience, you get a little numb to everything."

Find out just how different the boys will be when Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 23.