Country superstar Faith Hill joined husband Tim McGraw onstage after his performance at the Country Music Awards Festival on Thursday, June 5, 2014 for a rather committed display of PDA.

More Duets to Come for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw?

On June 6, the Daily Mail reported that the couple embraced for a passionate kiss on stage, rendering many divorce rumors dead in the water. They apparently continued to hold one another for a few minutes as the crowd cheered.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Can't Sell Tennessee Home? 

After nearly twenty years of marriage, their lip-lock on stage impressed both the press and audiences.

"He [McGraw] has this charisma and this unexplainable presence," said Hill in the Daily Mail, "It's magnetic, and it's incredible."

McGraw, in turn, has stated often that he enjoys singing duets with his wife, whom he's referred to as "beautiful" and "soulful."

When it comes to the divorce chatter, the couple has tried not to take them too seriously. In an interview with Bobby Bones, McGraw commented that his picture in the tabloids tends to upset his mother more than him and his wife.

McGraw's mom might be safe from those tabloid covers for now, as the kiss McGraw and Hill shared at the Country Music Awards Festival made quite a statement.

McGraw is currently out on the road promoting his 2014 album Sundown Heaven TownThe couple, married in 1996, have three daughters together and enjoy performing together.