It looks as though there might be a new scandal brewing for The Bachelorette as reports are speculating that Andi Dorfman "dissed" Eric Hill right before his death.

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Apparently Dorfman and Hill had a nasty argument during his last episode on the show and were never able to patch things up before Hill's untimely death. Dorfman supposedly "dissed" Hill in front of the other contestants after he was abruptly left the show. The 31-year-old adventure seeker died in a paragliding accident back in April.

"I just want to apologize to everyone because I don't want you guys to think I'm in a funk. I still feel great about this," Dorfman announced to her remaining suitors. "I came in here tonight and I told you guys that this was working and when I said it I was smiling, and when I say it now, I'm still smiling."

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Dorfman also went on to explain that her conversation with Hill didn't go as expected, insisting that she still believed in the guys who were still there while pretending not to care much about Hill's exit from the show.

Many fans of the show have expressed their thoughts about the episode, calling it "insensitive" to air the after math of Hill's exit.

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