It looks as though The Real Housewives Of New York's Aviva Drescher might be getting more than just a step-mother with her father George's new fiancée, Dana Lavette Cody. The 25-year-old Florida-raised businesswoman insists that she's not a "gold digger" despite the age gap between her and 76-year-old fiancé. In fact, she says that their relationship is based on mutual understanding and "true love."

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"George and I love each other and it's quite rare that you find a cultural and age difference and people can still find peace and happiness with themselves and each other," Cody tells Bravo's The Dish. "This is not a gold digger situation. I love him, he loves me."

"He respects my past and what I've been through. He nurtures me. He respects my past and what I've been through," Cody added.

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Cody also says that while she was initially nervous about meeting Aviva, she was surprised about how much she embraced her into the family.

"It was nerve-wracking but the ladies are cool," Cody added. "It was my first time meeting Aviva and her co-workers and friends as well. I was extremely nervous! I was thinking, 'She's [Aviva] going to rip me a new one!' But she was so welcoming and she embraced me. I was more comfortable than I expected to be."

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