'Star Trek 3' Movie News: Zachary Quinto Likes Script, Says It Should Be Ready Soon, Previews 'Five-Year Mission' [VIDEO]

It looks like fans now have an idea of where the crew of the Enterprise will be headed following the events of Star Trek Into Darkness.

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While promoting his upcoming series on Starz, The Chair, actor Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the film series, gave an update to IGN on what is next for the Enterprise crew. He mentioned that the five-year mission that was referenced at the end of the last movie was probably the direction they were headed for the next installment.

"I think the five-year mission will be a part of this next film in some way," Quinto responded. "We're coming up on the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic sci-fi series in entertainment history, so it's inherently an ongoing story. But I do think that we'll feel some sense of evolution in these characters that's been building through the first few films."

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With uncertainty surrounding Roberto Orci and whether or not he would be directing, Quinto gave some words of confidence towards the former Transformers writer and mentioned that Orci's Star Trek fandom was an asset.

"Bob [Orci] is definitely sort of a purist about the Trek universe," Quinto said, "so I've spoken to him a number of times about his ideas and they're really exciting and I'm really excited that we get to be a part of his feature directorial debut. It'll be a different world without J.J. [Abrams] on set every day, but this is a family and Bob is an essential part of that family and we're all really excited to see where it goes."

Quinto added that he felt the script for Star Trek 3 would be ready for filming soon. "The script is being tightened and polished and finished," Quinto continued, "and I imagine that the phone will be ringing in the next few months to see when we'll go back into production."

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