Ken Jeong made his name with a small, but very memorable, part in the Hangover movies and with his role as Ben Chang on NBC's cult sitcom Community.

Community Might Get Sixth Season

Now, he is getting a chance to lead his own show. The Hollywood Reporter noted on Tuesday that Jeong is the lead of a new MTV sitcom pilot.

The show is called Ken Jeong Made Me Do It, so it's probably a good thing the show managed to get him. In truth, the pilot was retitled after Jeong signed on for the lead role. In the show, a young gentleman named Andy finds his girlfriend cheating, and then accidentally rear ends Jeong's car. Naturally, Jeong, who plays himself, then tries to help the guy get his life on track.

The Hangover 3 Falls Short Of Expectations

Jeong's brand of comedy is particular in your face and cartoonish, so don't expect Ken Jeong Made Me Do It to be a subtle comedy. That's provided that it gets picked up, of course, and right now this is the only comedy pilot MTV has in the works. Also, Community fans don't need to worry about Chang. This project will work around Jeong's schedule, allowing him to work on Community's upcoming sixth season, which is being made for Yahoo!'s video streaming service.

Before he got into acting, Jeong worked as a medical doctor. Now, he's starring in sitcoms with his name in the title. It remains to be seen if he'll be able to handle a significant role in a project, he's largely been a secondary piece to this point of his career, but clearly this is a project happy to have him, especially if he can bring some of Community's devout audience with him.