Though the fourth season of Amish Mafia has not yet been confirmed following a dispute between the cast and production crew, the show's return could be jeopardized for other reasons.

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In solidarity with a movement started by a local filmmaker to stick up for the Amish, the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitors Bureau have asked businesses that have membership with them to refrain from giving assistance to any film crews hoping to get scenes for the show.

According to Lancaster Online, the joint statement issued by both organizations on July 23 asks that members of their agencies do not assist television and film crews who are attempting to portray the Amish it what has been deemed as a negative light.

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"Over the last few years, a growing number if TV-based attempts have been made to exploit this lifestyle," the statement read. "These attempts, often under the guise of 'reality television,' raise serious questions of religious and cultural bias."

The statement also reads that the exploitation "...consistently portrays the entire county in a negative light and stands to significantly damage our overall reputation as a wonderful place to live, visit and do business."

Overall, the two organizations represent more than 3,000 local businesses in the area.

The movement, started by local filmmaker Mary Haverstick in June, aims to combat what she has called 'Amish-sploitation', and is trying to get shows like Amish Mafia taken off of the air for painting a negative and inaccurate image of a peaceful and religious people.

Haverstick has started both a website ( and a Facebook page to help her cause, and says she has had enough of the exploitation.

"No religious group in America should have to endure a barrage of 'reality' television filled with criminal acts and non-stop images of their youth in violation of their beliefs. Neighbors are now speaking out and saying this is not the Amish community we know and bears little resemblance to reality," an introduction to the respect Amish site reads.

In a June 13 interview with a local news station, Haverstick also explained how the acts depicted on the shows -- which includes Amish Mafia, Breaking Amish and the as-of-yet unaired Amish Haunting -- are a form of bigotry because they are putting a negative spin on the lifestyle of the real Amish -- a lifestyle which is governed by the group's strict religion.

"You can't put shows on like this about Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Evangelical [people]'s just plain wrong," she said. "I mean, you just can't do it and it would be seen for what it is, which is bigoted. It is bigoted and prejudice."

Now, with the two associations controlling businesses in the county joining with the movement, it could make things more difficult for the television show's crews to film outdoor scenes-which could help result in the shows no longer choosing to film at all.

No premiere dates have been announced for a fourth season of Amish Mafia, which is reportedly still on hiatus due to the cast dispute.