Dan Harmon and several cast members of the resurrected Community made their triumphant return to Comic-Con for a panel that discussed, in part, the future of the show.

Community Might Get Sixth Season Online

On Thursday, Variety reported on some of the developments regarding this most surprising sixth season of the cultishly adored television show.

During the conversation, show creator Harmon indicated that he was, at first, ambivalent about bringing the show back, but eventually decided that he felt it was worthwhile to produce a sixth season for Yahoo!'s online video streaming service. He also said that he does not want to "take the wheels off" the show regarding the lack of constraints placed upon him now that he is making a show for the internet, as opposed to network television.

Donald Glover Talks Leaving 'Community'

The writing on the season has not begun yet, and the casting isn't even set in stone either. Jonathan Banks had joined the show for season five to step into the crotchety old man role left vacant by Chevy Chase's absence, but Banks likely will not be available due to his commitments to Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. The hope is that John Oliver may be able to appear as his character Professor Duncan at least sporadically.

Meanwhile, on Thursday Deadline reported that Yahoo! will not be following in the footsteps of Netflix and dropping all the episodes at once. Instead, each of the 13 episodes will be released one at a time, being made available weekly, and that the new season won't begin until after Christmas 2014. Still, Community fans just have to be excited they are getting another season of their beloved show.