Comic-Con is always a good time to announce a big new project because companies have a large audience that is right in their target demographic at the public's disposal.

Will A T-Rex Fight King Kong In Jurassic World

On Saturday, Vulture reported that Legendary Pictures ended their panel with a mystery trailer, a trailer that turned out to be related to King Kong in some way.

The trailer featured an island and somebody narrating ominously, and then trailer zoomed in on the island, showing us a giant roaring monster, before the title Skull Island came onto the screen to end the trailer. The panel then ended, with no discussion of what had just been seen. This was the definition of a teaser trailer.

Trailer For Godzilla Released

Since this film is called Skull Island, as opposed to King Kong, it may not necessarily focus on the giant gorilla himself, and it may not involve New York or the Empire State Building at all. Instead, perhaps it will focus on Skull Island, where, in previous iterations of King Kong movies, involves lots of giant monsters, including dinosaurs.

There is no director for this film yet, but they have already given it a release date of November 4, 2016. The last King Kong film was directed by Peter Jackson in 2005. This film likely won't have any connection to that one, and it certainly can't be a sequel if King Kong is still alive. With the recent success of the Godzilla reboot, perhaps a King Kong reboot makes sense, even if it focuses more on the island and just uses King Kong as a known quantity.