'King Kong' Sequel News: Choosy Director Attached To The Helm For 'Skull Island' Movie? [VIDEO]

At Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures unveiled a mysterious new trailer for a movie that turned out to be called Skull Island.

Mysterious King Kong Movie Teased At Comic-Con

Skull Island is, of course, the home of King Kong before he is taken to New York. As such, it seems that a King Kong prequel is in the works, not a sequel, considering the end of King Kong kind of rules a sequel out of the equation. The producers of the film are working quickly to get the pieces in place for this film, and, on Monday, Deadline reported that the people behind Skull Island have offered the directing job to Joe Cornish.

Cornish first made his name with the low budget alien invasion movie Attack the Block, but since then he has been particularly choosy in his projects. Perhaps he will make Skull Island his first big directing project, and the folks at Legendary do seem to be intent on getting him. It calls to mind the recently released fim Guardians of the Galaxy, which was directed by James Gunn. Gunn had made his name on smaller films, often gory, exploitation type films, but he was then given a massive Marvel project.  If Cornish accepts a big project like Skull Island, could he be in for a similar trajectory?

Former Marvel Writer Working On King Kong Prequel

While the director of this movie is not known yet, Max Borenstein has been signed on as the writer. Borenstein wrote on Legendary's Godzilla reboot, which was a big success and has led to a sequel, which was also announced at Comic-Con. They have already set a release date for Skull Island too, which is November 4, 2016. The movie is expected to tell the story of King Kong's life on the island before the events of the first film. Skull Island is full of giant bugs and dinosaurs, so there is a lot of potential for a big adventure story here. The question now is will Cornish be in the director's chair when it happens?

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