'Skull Island' Film Spoilers: 'Attack The Block's Joe Cornish Courted To Direct 'Cinematic Origins' Of King Kong [VIDEO]

One of Comic-Con's biggest reveals was the plans for a King Kong prequel, named Skull Island, that would be leading into a re-invention of the King Kong franchise that was last seen on the screen in 2005. But has Legendary gone to a former Marvel employee to direct the film?

Mysterious King Kong Film 'Skull Island' Gets Trailer At Comic-Con

According to reports by Deadline, Attack the Block director and former Ant-Man writer Joe Cornish has been offered the gig to direct Skull Island. Cornish has not helmed a movie since Attack the Block.

This isn't the first big budget film that Cornish has been offered. He turned down Star Trek 3 earlier this year and is currently circling Universal's Section Six, the Aaron Berg-scripted drama about the formation of MI6 Brit intelligence branch.

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But this is also a chance for Cornish to set-up his own franchise, and a director who needs to be working with bigger budgets and characters. But Cornish is fickle, and has no problem turning down stuff that he doesn't believe in so it is anyone's guess if he will latch onto Skull Island.

As for the script, Legendary has tapped Godzilla writer Max Borenstein to write the film. Borenstein has also done work on the long-in-development Seventh Son movie so it seems like Skull Island will be a project he will put the most attention on until Gareth Edwards is ready for a Godzilla sequel. If Cornish comes on, he will probably work on the script as well.

Skull Island is a fictional island that first appearing in the 1933 film King Kong and later appearing in its sequels and remakes. The film based on the legendary island from King Kong will tell "the cinematic origins of another classic beast, King Kong."

The film is set to be released on November 4, 2016.

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