The numbers are officially in and A&E's Longmire seems to have seen a dip in viewership during its season three finale.

'Longmire' Star Katee Sackhoff Joins Instagram As Series' Fate Remains Uncertain

While the criminal drama remains the network's most-watched scripted series, the finale for the show's most recent season did see fewer viewers than the finale for season two last year.

According to TV Series Finale, Season 3's cliffhanger conclusion brought in 3.6 million viewers in comparison to Season 2's 4.42 million viewers.

A&E Continues To Promote 'Longmire' Even As Show Awaits Renewal For Season 4

Even with the drop, the drama has always done well with the 18-49 demographic and has maintained decent numbers even with the dip. The network has also continued to promote the program it in spite of its questionable fate, which is a favorable sign for fans.

The cliffhanger during the August 4 season finale suggests that showrunners are confident of renewal, or at least hopeful enough to plan for the best even though cancellation is a possibility. Last year the series was not renewed for a third season until October, meaning that Walt (Robert Taylor) and co. still have another two months before things really turn bleak.

Stars like Taylor and Katee Sackhoff have yet to comment on their feelings towards the drama's future, though Craig Johnson, author of the Longmire books upon which the series is based, has maintained that he doesn't "worry" about the show's renewal.

The Season 3 premiere aired June 2, and so if Longmire does come back it will likely to so in June 2015.