'Avatar 2' Movie News: Films Will Cost $1 Billion To Make, 20th Century Fox Believes In James Cameron's Vision [VIDEO]

The executives at 20th Century Fox are hoping that the sequels to Avatar can make the same type of dough as the first movie because they are putting a lot on the line for the next one.

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During an interview with Variety on Tuesday, 20th Century Fox chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos talked about the sequels to the number one box office hit of all-time and the work being put into making another successful set of films.

"We know it's not going to be cheap. We know it's not going to be without new discoveries and new challenges in the process of producing something that is so beyond the normal form of filmmaking and technology, but what could be more exciting than that," Gianopulos said.

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James Cameron also spoke in the piece about the work that he is doing on the sequels and how much he believes in how they will turn out.

"There's nothing I need to say as an artist about the state of the world and human affairs that I can't do through the lens of the 'Avatar' universe," Cameron said.

"We've had a couple of years to think through the story arc of the next three films, and every day that goes by, I believe in the stories I'm telling more and more. We're not coming out of the block fast to capitalize on the last film."

Cameron did have an interesting way as to go about making these movies. He assembled a team of writers in Josh Friedman, Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Shane Salerno and kept them in a writing room for five months so that they could figure out the details of all three films together and only then split them up to pen their respective scripts.

Avatar 2 is expected to hit theaters at some point in December 2016 with the sequels following for the next two years.

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