Humanity's end begins at the library, but only if you have Tesla's death ray lying around.

'The Librarians' Wraps Season 1 Filming, Noah Wyle To Appear In Finale

Noah Wyle's brilliant, but hapless, Flynn Carson is back, and this time he will be saving the world in weekly installments of The Librarians. This time, however, the titular character of TNT's Librarian films will bring along reinforcements.

Set to air this December, the new drama will introduce Jake Stone (Christian Kane), Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), Cassandra (Lindy Booth), and Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn). These newbies each have their own skill sets, and they will be put be to the test as they collect and protect the world's most powerful artifacts.

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Jake Stone will be the an Oklahoma oil worker recruited for his 190 IQ and a penchant for art history, Jones will be the resident tech wizard, Cassandra will bring along her synesthesia skills, and Eve will be tasked with protecting the lot of them.

As for the librarian himself, Flynn will only appear in select episodes.

"Noah is in the two-hour pilot and then he'll be recurring over the season, probably in two other episodes close to the end of the season," said director Jonathan Frakes, according to

Find out more when The Librarians premieres in December. Click the video below to see a new preview.