Instagram superstar Jen Selter is continuing to go about her sexy ways in a new photo of her hard body work.

Jen Selter Wears Racy Bikini For Summer

On Friday, the model took to social media to post a picture of herself as she stands in a shaded room where she dons a a black and white top with grey shorts. As her cleavage is exposed, something else that stands out is her washboard stomach, showing off ripped abs. She puts her hands up by her face as she looks down and exposes another part of her body that she works hard on- her legs.

Selter bends a knee as her thighs and calf muscles are in plain sight, flaunting her talent in posing for the camera.

Jen Selter Takes A Double Shot In Bikini PHOTO

She captioned the snapshot, "Laziness feels good now. Hard work feels good later."

Most of Selter's Instagram images are a lot like this one where she exposes her body on how shapely her figure is. Considering that she spends a majority of her time at the gym, she looks like she's getting more fit with each picture.

One of her other photos shows her standing on grass where her curvaceous backside can be seen with tight grey sweatpants. She strikes another fancy pose with her hands by her head as she gives a motivational message in the caption.

"It takes time to transform your body, don't expect results overnight. Set short term goals and keep track of your progress. You'll be amazed with your results."

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