While the last movie had a poor box office take and legal issues with a leak of the film prior to its release, there wasn't much to take away from the last Expendables movie. But star Sylvester Stallone seems like he know one thing he is ready to do after seeing how the last movie was perceived.

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Speaking with Expendables Premiere on Monday, Stallone talked about what he wants to do with the next movie and how he may change from a decision he made for the past two.

"If I do another one it's going to be a lot bloodier...hardcore R," the star said. The past two Expendables movies have been PG-13.

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Stallone added that this change of heart happened due to the poor reception of the third movie and he felt that "(they) got ripped off" with the last one. Stallone made the past two lighter in tone in order to meet the rating after the studio felt the rated R movie wouldn't do as well.

While Stallone is returning to a more gritty role in Rambo 5 next, maybe a better reception to that movie would make the studio think again about allowing the actor to make the next Expendables movie more gritty and bloody.

Another movie hasn't been confirmed, but it would seem that if Stallone could round up a cast of action stars to appear and put together some sort of story, the studio would have to think about making another and with whatever rating Stallone wants.