Princess Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco are expecting twins with an alluring story on how the two found out there would be more than one baby.

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On Saturday, People posted the news from the prince's good friend who mentioned that his wife was at her doctor's appointment to look at the sonogram when she called her husband and told him that they were going to have a baby.

"They called him out of a meeting, and he was very excited, but then had to go back to the meeting," Dr. Jon Turk, New York plastic surgeon and Albert's friend, told the magazine.

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A few minutes had gone by when the prince received another phone call.

"She had to call him back when they saw a second baby on the sonogram," Turk said. "He was busy in a meeting [and didn't know why she was calling] and reluctant to come out. But when he came out, she said, 'We're going to have two babies! Two calls for two kids!'"

The doctor also revealed that the prince is already working on keeping the house baby-proofed even though the babies will have a lot of time before they start crawling.

"The princess told me that he's been walking around their residence and their summer house, starting to childproof the house," Turk shared. "He's worried about the corners of tables. And she's saying that they're not even born yet! He's also going to put air in all the balls for soccer and basketball. He's already getting ready and it's still years away before they can play with a ball."