To the excitement of its many fans, American Dad! will be making its return for an eleventh season. However, the popular animated series now has more creative freedom to push the envelope on its new home, the TBS network.

While in attendance at the 2014 New York City Comic Con on Oct. 12, actors Rachael Macfarlane (Hayley) and Dee Bradley Baker (Klaus) each took the opportunity to speak about the program.

Baker, who plays the part of Smith family pet Klaus, feels that American Dad! now has the license to amp up their material, as opposed to the content restrictions it previously had with Fox.

"The show feels really solid and funny. On our new home, TBS, they're taking it further. The oversight of censors is not as constraining," he said.

With the mature content bar said to be set even higher with TBS, it's no surprise that the scripts for the latest episodes had Macfarlane feeling significantly bashful to read them aloud.

"There has been numerous table reads where I have blushed," she said.

Nonetheless, the 38-year-old thinks that fans won't be at a shortage of chuckles for the eleventh season, especially since it has somewhat of a sitcom feel to it.

"This season, we've done some of our funniest material yet. It's like an on camera sitcomm," she said.

Speaking of the show's comedy, Baker stated that although they'll always be a handful of viewers that may take offense to American Dad's mature material, he doesn't believe they shouldn't take it as a personal attack.

"The show is an equal opportunity offender in many ways. It's an intelligent show with sort of a traditional family structure," he said.

Being that the show is no stranger to guest stars, having had talents such as Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) on, fans will be happy to know that there's several more on the upcoming season.

"Uma Thurman, Kathy Bates, and Ted Danson all did episodes," MacFarlane said.

TBS's American Dad! is set to make its return on Thursday, Oct. 30. Be sure to keep checking back with Enstars for more of the latest info on the TV show.

The digital premiere titled Blonde Ambition can be watched below.