'How To Get Away With Murder' ABC: There Are No 'Gay' Scenes, Shonda Rhimes Blasts Antigay Tweets [VIDEO]


How to Get Away With Murder's Shonda Rhimes' took a stand against a antigay fan on Sunday.

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The executive producer for the new ABC series received a tweet from a disgruntled fan who claimed that the "gay scenes" in both Rhimes' Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder were "too much" and "added nothing to the plot."

"There are no GAY scenes," Rhimes responded. "There are scenes with people in them."

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"If you are suddenly discovering that Shondaland shows have scenes involving people who are gay, you are LATE TO THE PARTY," Rhimes continued. "If u use the phrase "gay scenes", u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE."

The comment came on the heels of the series' fourth episode, "Lets Get to Scooping," which further explored the character of Connor (Jack Falahee) - including his current romantic encounters.

Rhimes was saddened to hear that such negative opinions still exist, but ended her argument on a hopeful note.

"I don't know why this kind of hate is out there. Ugh," Rhimes wrote. "#onelove. At least in Shondaland. Have a great rest of your weekend!"

Catch How to Get Away With Murder Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Click the video below to see a preview for the series' next episode, "We're Not Friends."


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