'Thor 3' Rumors: Natalie Portman May Be Done With Marvel After Final Appearance In 'Avengers 2,' Could Leave Chris Hemsworth Devastated [VIDEO]

It is crazy that Natalie Portman has quietly been in two Marvel movies now and it seems like the actress doesn't address it that much. But could a brief appearance in the next movie with Thor mean the end of her being in this universe?

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In the recent trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, there is a scene early on where Ultron enters the room in pieces of a broken Iron Man suit and is talking to the team of Avengers, including Bruce Banner, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine and Maria Hill.

But there is one mystery woman who is standing next to Thor and does that mean Portman is in the next movie?

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It would make sense with the ending of Thor: The Dark World showing the God of Thunder returning to Earth to be with Jane Foster (Portman) and it would seem that he has been there ever since when the events of Avengers 2 happen.

But this could also spell the end of her character as it has been hinted that the next Thor standalone could mean the end of Jane Foster and Odin from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This could mean that Jane is going to put the wheels in motion of her and Thor's break-up and make it so she doesn't have to be in the next movie as much.

The trailer seems to be hinting that Thor will be going through a lot in the next movie as it shows him pulling Tony Stark up by the throat and emerging from water yelling so it could be a very trying movie for this character.

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