Could Amy Poehler be in the new Fifty Shades of Grey film? We're not sure, but the Parks and Recreation actress joked recently about the movie.

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During a recent Reddit AMA session (via Zap2It), Poehler joked about being in the upcoming film starring Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) and Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey).

"[You can] catch me as a dungeon master in '50 Shades of Grey!" she said, "You can't tell it's me cuz I'm wearing a mask!"

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Maybe Poehler is part of the reshoots the film recently had to make? Reports said that Fifty Shades had to film more because of lack of chemistry between Dornan and Johnson.

Recently The Daily Mail said that Us Weekly reported that the two stars Dakota Johnson and Dornan had to reshoot certain footage because it "didn't feel 'passionate' and producers have been disappointed by the lack of chemistry."

"Dakota isn't coming off sexy enough," a second source reportedly said about the starlet. "Ana needs to be naive, not a dish-rag."

A Universal rep, however, denied this report saying about the Fifty Shades of Grey film, "No one should question the heat or intensity of our actors."

E! News had also earlier reported that the film just needed more material. "They are still editing. They are happy so far with the way things are going," a source told the website. "They are shooting fillers, having to add some more material. [Author E.L. James] did not feel there was enough, even though she is happy with everything so far."

Fifty Shades of Grey is set for a February 2015 release.