Fans have been hoping for a Friends reunion for over a decade now, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. Even with that being said, it hasn't stopped actresses Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow from trying to plan a reunion, even though at this point it seems nearly impossible.

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In a new interview with Britain's Mirror, Kudrow tells the site that her 10 years on the set of Friends were the best in her life and that she wouldn't mind reviving her character Phoebe Buffay on the small screen again.

She told the site, "I'll go for it. A whole season, because to spend that much time with those people again would be heaven! I loved doing Friends. I would have been fine if we did it 10 more years, and it was great that we finished when we did, because I've loved everything I've done since."

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According to Aniston though, while she's totally on board with the project, she's not sure if her other former cast mates - which included Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry would join in.

She said, "Let me tell you something: there's six friends and I've been trying to put together a cast dinner for 10 years. It doesn't happen! I can get the girls to come, maybe Matthew Perry."

Meanwhile, there's been talk that Aniston might be up for her very first Oscar.

Aniston has been praised for her work in Cake since it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and now it looks as though the film will finally be released nationwide early next year.

According to Deadline, the film's producers are trying to capitalize on the film's noteworthy buzz in hopes that it qualifies for Oscar consideration.

Aniston sparked Oscar nomination buzz last month in Toronto. According to Deadline, the big screen actress and the film both received a standing ovation after the film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. Some critics are even calling it Aniston's best big screen performance to date.

The actress told the website after the screening that she was overwhelmed with the audience's positive response to the film.

She said, "It was such an emotional moment for me. I was nearly brought to tears."