Oh no! Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 star Clare Crawley caught a tough break recently and broke her toe.

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Crawley took to social media on Nov. 11 and Nov. 12 to declare her toe is broken and just how important toes actually are. See her tweets below, though they're rather vague.

She seems to be handling the injury with a little humor, which is a great way to handle any injury since it allows the situation to become less stressful.

It is not entirely clear when and how she broke her toe.

Just one week ago on Nov. 6 she posted a photo on Instagram displaying her legs and feet covered in vibrant pink and white striped knee-high socks from Target, which she adores.

So what happened between Nov. 6 and Nov. 11 that caused Crawley to break a toe? In her one tweet she included the hashtag "‪#watchoutfotthefreeweights," which makes one think Crawley was working out possibly at a gym.

Hopefully Crawley will have a speedy recovery and next time she'll be more careful with the free weights.

Crawley has a good outlook so she's bound to bounce back from this minor injury sooner rather than later. She has previously showed her brilliant personality when she stood up for herself against Juan Pablo. She told Extra TV exclusively back in April that she's doing well and is happy. The situation with Pablo "changed her life." You can see the video below.