'Justice League' Movie Rumors: Joker From 'The Dark Knight' Coming Back? Jared Leto's Version May Keep Continuity With Heath Ledger [VIDEO]

It may be hard for some fans to think of someone else playing The Joker after the performance by Heath Ledger in the last live-action movie to feature the character, but it seems like DC is finding another actor to take on the role. Could this new version keep some of Ledger's back story though?

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Cinema Blend speculated on Thursday where DC could be going with the inclusion of The Joker in Suicide Squad and what it meant for the future of the character and his ties to the previous versions. As of now, it looks like Jared Leto could be taking on the role.

According to the site, the story for Suicide Squad could be centered on Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor hiring this team of mercenary bad guys to go and break The Joker out of Arkham Asylum with the pair working together for Justice League: Part 1. This is an interesting concept as it allows the character to be introduced in the universe and doesn't have him necessarily working with the squad.

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But they also mention that there is the possibility of having a small line of continuity with the Christopher Nolan directed Batman movies. At the end of The Dark Knight, The Joker is last seen hanging on the building that Batman left him and is presumably sent to Arkham Asylum and has been there ever since.

While it wouldn't necessarily come out and say that it is the same character, there could be a small line that ties the two together by having Leto's Joker be the same one, but he has since gone through major changes since his incarceration. This would allow for a more loose Joker who works with Harley Quinn in the future DC movies.

This is an interesting route to take and could be more in-line with the comics version than the previous movie versions have gone.

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