Tori Spelling's four children are definitely growing up fast. The reality television star and actress shared a new photo of her daughter Stella looking rather grown up in a stylish outfit with a hint of makeup.

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In the photo, Stella is posing for the camera as proud mom Spelling captions the pic with, "#StellaStyle My girl gets gets [sic] her fashion groove on R last night N Vegas! Top H&M! @palazzovegas #palazzolasvegas."

 #StellaStyle My girl gets gets her fashion groove on R last night N Vegas! Top H&M! @palazzovegas #palazzolasvegas

A photo posted by Tori Spelling (@torispelling) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:35pm PST

Meanwhile, Spelling has admitted that she is "fixing her marriage" for her kids.

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In a new interview with the Dr. Oz Show on Monday, the reality television star openly discussed why she is airing out all of her personal problems to the public and what steps she is taking in her relationship with McDermott.

According to E! News, Spelling said, "Anytime I would have emotional stress—for years, my whole life—I would just repress and keep going and going and nobody knew really. It would just start coming down. I would be sick all the time, sinus, migraines, everything."

She added, "I don't want to keep going on like that. I'm at that place where I don't like the way my kids see me. I don't like them seeing me as sick."

As far as her marriage, Spelling adds that she and McDermott are taking things one day at a time.

She revealed, "We're working on it. It will take time. I've asked him to listen to me, take care of me, take care of the kids, step up in our family and he really has. He's really working on himself and us."