Tom Daley's rumored girlfriend, Kassidy Cook, expressed her excitement for Daley after he won a diving bronze medal for Great Britain in the Men's 10M Platform - with USA's David Boudia taking gold.

"Words cannot describe how proud I am of @TomDaley1994 and@davidboudia AMAZING! You guys are awesome," Cook Tweeted on Saturday. 

Tom Daley and his girlfriend were both very excited over the bronze win. However, 18 year-old Daley is already setting goals for higher achievements in the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

"The peak age for a diver is between 22 and 24," Daley said according to The Telegraph. "So Rio is going to be my peak performance Olympics."

"The dives I did last night are ones I have been doing for two years, so by the time it comes to Rio I'll have been doing them for six years," he continued. 

"By 2020 I will have been doing them for a decade. If I've been doing them for that long you would think I'd be getting pretty consistent."

Cook had joined the Twitter conversation last month in defense of Daley against an Internet troll who had abused Daley. 

"your a horrible person. Just shut up," Cook, an American swimmer, posted on the social media site. Daley' girlfriend also added "#GetRileyy_69Banned."

Cook also comforted Daley via Twitter, saying: "Don't worry, you'll get them in individuals. Miss you!" 

Twitter user @Rileyy_69 had posted several "abusive" messages to the 18 year-old diver when he and his diving partner missed out on earning a medal in the men's synchronised 10 meter diving event on July 30 at the Olympics. 

@Rileyy_69 posted: "you let your dad down i hope you know that, " "hope your crying now you should be", "I'd rather support a tramp" and "he's a little boy who's competing against men". 

Daley's father had died of cancer in May 2011.

A spokesperson for the police told that the UK teenager was arrested on suspicion of stating "malicious communications."

Before the Olympics, Daley told BBC that his father gave him the inspiration to compete in the Games.

"I'm doing it for myself and my dad. It was both our dreams from a very young age," he said. "I always wanted to do it and Dad was so supportive of everything."

China's Qui Bo, who is the world champion and the firm favorite to win ended up with a silver medal in the 10M Platform on Saturday.

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