Hannibal has cast their Inspector Pazzi.

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Fortunato Cerlino has confirmed his role in the NBC series, informing fans that he will portray the Italian detective during season 3. While his role has not been officially announced, the actor answered curious tweeted from fans in the affirmative, quickly clearing up speculation

"HANNIBAL. The third season," Cerlino tweeted alongside a photo of the script for episode 3 (translated by Google). "I will be there."

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Cerlino started filming in Toronto during February, but it is unknown if he will follow the cast to Florence in December.

"The contractual obligation of confidentiality does not allow me to give confirmations..." Cerlino tweeted on Thursday (translated by Google).

Cerlino is not currently filming with Hugh Dancy's Will Graham, but the British actor is on set. This announcement should assuage any fears viewers may have regarding any lack of Will while Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) is in Italy.

Check out the photo above to see Pazzi hanging out on set with Hannibal and Jack (Laurence Fishburne).

Find out more when Hannibal returns to NBC in 2015. Click the video below to catch up on the final moments of season 2.