'James Bond 24' Movie News: Daniel Craig Blames 'Austin Powers' For The Lack Of Humor In Recent Installments [VIDEO]

As the next movie in the James Bond franchise gets to work, it seems like fans won't expect any largely comedic moments in the film. But why is that? The star of the film has one movie series to blame for the lack of comedy in the recent installments.

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In an interview on Tuesday with MI6, Daniel Craig talked about the lack of humor in the recent movies and what fans could blame for that: Mike Myers and Austin Powers.

"We had to destroy the myth because Mike Myers f--ed us," he said. "I am a huge Mike Myers fan, so don't get me wrong, but he kind of f--ed us, made it impossible to do the gags."

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Mike Myers, of course, ran the impressive Austin Powers franchise, which had three movies and was a satire on the James Bond brand. Since then though, according to Craig, the franchise has had to try and find other avenues to bring humor to the movie since people relate some elements so much with Myers' comedies.

Craig also talked about what fans could expect next with Bond and where he was hoping the franchise goes with the next outing.

"Who knows? I think we set a good tone, I think we set a real tone, but I am happy for fucking exploding volcano lairs. Obviously I am joking but what I love and what I really wanted to achieve with Skyfall was a level of fantasy," he said.

"It's one of the less violent ones, there's less blood, and people aren't dying in a horrible way, and it feels like much more of a family movie, and they should be family movies. I don't want to go ludicrous and we've got to keep them in reality, but Christ almighty, the world's fucking weird and there's plenty we can start mining and taking out."

Spectre comes out on November 6, 2016.

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