'Witches Of East End' Cancelled News: Madchen Amick Shares What She Misses About The Series & Reveals A Scene That Almost Didn't Happen [EXCLUSIVE, VIDEO]


After Witches of East End had the misfortune of going off the air after two seasons, Madchen Amick dished on what she misses the most about the show as well as what it represents.

EXCLUSIVE: Madchen Amick Explains Why 'Witches OF East End' Didn't Survive

The actress, who played Aunt Wendy on the series, revealed that she looks back on the "witches and warlocks" with gratitude.

"My girls and the two guys," Amick told EnStars exclusively. "We just had such an amazing bond from day one."

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There has been plenty of chatter about a possible renewal of the supernatural drama. But, even if an announcement of a third season doesn't happen, the cast members plan to stay connected regardless.

"We just love each other and miss each other," Amick said. "And whether we're able to continue to tell the witches story or not, we will always stay good friends, all of us."

"It really was something and magical and special that we had, and that's what I think is the saddest thing - you don't get that kind of chemistry and magic very often," the actress continued. "So we'll also want to do other projects and things, but it was just such a really rare opportunity that we really enjoyed and we would love to continue to tell that story if we can."

One of the things that Amick especially enjoyed about the series was that it starred a group of four powerful women, and it stayed away from stereotypes.

"It just showed that we have flaws among the strengths and it showed our struggles; it showed our accomplishments," she said. "Even though it was set in a magical world, it was just a good depiction of strong women that are fighting for themselves and not taking any s--t from anybody."

The actress also pointed out that even though the series starred four females, the two men on the show weren't just side characters with handsome faces.

"We didn't do a role reversal where the women were the lead and then the men were throwaway characters or just eye candy- although they were really gorgeous eye candy- but they weren't just eye candy," Amick said. "We got to show them as very confident characters and storylines. So yeah, I was really proud of the way we were telling that story."

Amick also dished on the finale episode where the witches take down the King. That moment wasn't originally written in the script because it was a difficult scene to shoot, but the cast and crew fought for it.

"We came together and sat down with the producers and director and writers, and said we just felt very, very strongly that we needed to have that finale moment together as a family," she said. "That's what we're rooting for. That's what the fans were rooting for."

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