While he already has voiced his pleasure for the most recent Marvel movie, it seems like acting legend Al Pacino is interested in getting a role within the shared universe. But could he be playing another version of a character we saw before?

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Cinema Blend speculated on Tuesday on a few roles that Pacino could be perfect for and one of them was a familiar face: The Mandarin.

The role was played by Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3, but was revealed during the third act to be a sham as Kingsley's character was actually Trevor Slattery, who was pretending to be the Mandarin while Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) enacted the plan. But according to comments by Kingsley, and clues in All Hail The King, it seems like the real Mandarin is out there and is pissed over the events of that movie.

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According to the site, there aren't any plans to make an Iron Man 4, but Mandarin is a global villain, so he could present a threat against any of the Marvel universe heroes. As the leader of a notorious terrorist organization The Ten Rings, he can unleash destruction across the globe, and the heroes can't defeat something that big in one fell swoop.

Pacino would fit well as the terrorist mastermind that serves as a recurring threat to Earth's superheroes.

It would allow the actor to do something within the universe and would be an interesting role for him to be a part of. It also would allow for a continuation of this villain that left some fans wanting more from.