Chicago PD wrapped up season 2 on Wednesday with the fall finale, and viewers are intrigued with questions about Erin Lindsay's fate.

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Fans still don't know a lot of information regarding the details of Lindsay's future with the police team.

Though she was appointed to a task force this season, and that potentially means great things for her career, it puts her regular employer in a strange position.

'Chicago PD' Season 2 Spoilers: Show Tweets That Linstead Might Keep Chicago Warm, Twitter Fans Go Crazy

Considering Burgess was shot as Roman and Jen raced over, it makes things even more precarious than usual.

Actress Sophia Bush did her part in keeping the intrigue high leading into the finale by "playing coy on her future in a series of posts on Twitter after the episode aired," CarterMatt reported on Friday.

She started with a somewhat funny approach:

She then plays with her follower's emotions by teasing them about the future of her character:

That's when her fans take an ugly turn and let her know that it's just not possible for her to leave the show:

Finally, she can't take the pleas for her to not leave the show any longer and she lets her fans know it's really not up to her to decide the fate of Lindsay.

Bush receiving hundreds of retweets and favorites on each of her posts during the fall finales. It's clear that viewers of this show don't want Erin Lindsay to be written off, and it's possible that Chicago PD could lose some of their fans if they decide to go that route.

It's unclear when the show will be back, but viewers will be anxiously waiting after that cliffhanger of a season.