Carrie Underwood is expecting the birth of her first child this spring, but that doesn't mean the singer won't be open to some new work over the next few months.

Carrie Underwood Disses 'Sexiest Man Alive' 

"If One Direction ever want to go country, I'm here," declared the Something In The Water singer during an interview with the Daily Mail on Friday.

There's one thing though that Underwood doesn't thing she'll be pursuing in the near future: acting.

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While Underwood got her start on television with Fox's American Idol and recently appeared for a cameo on ABC's Nashville, the singer claimed that it's not really an avenue she is interested in pursuing.

"I've been lucky enough to do some things on TV and movies, but I'm just a singer," she explained. "I've never considered myself to be an actress, it seems too hard."

With six Grammy wins and over 64 million records sold, as well as 18 no. 1 singles, Underwood seems to be doing pretty well for herself as "just a singer."

Soon, however, the country superstar will be taking on the role of mother as well. "I've been working on a new new album and a full album of tracks this past year so I will continue to write," she insisted, "And then I'll probably take a little time to figure out my new life with baby."

So what's this "new new" album? Are there any juicy details? Unfortunately, Underwood didn't say much more about it. She's just looking forward to spending the holiday season with husband Mike Fisher, who plays in the NHL for the Nashville Predators.

The singer is expected to give birth to her baby boy this spring, though she and her husband have elected to keep the exact due date a secret fort the time being.

Underwood's most recent album, Greatest Hits: Decade #1, was released last Tuesday.