'Captain America 3' Movie: Sony May Want To Use Third Film To Set-Up Spider-Man Appearance In 'Sinister Six' [VIDEO]

While a deal between Marvel and Sony could still be struck, it seems like some sort of crossover between the two studios with the famous superhero could happen, but it would also include the proposed spin-offs that the latter company wants to make for their Spider-Man universe.

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Mashable reported on Saturday that Sony was looking to have Spider-Man in Captain America 3 for Marvel, but it would set up for the future of the Spidey universe and the follow-up movie, Sinister Six.

In an number of emails, it seemed like Sony wanted to allow Marvel to use Spider-Man for their next Captain America entry, but they would still use him for their proposed universe of films including Sinister Six, the female-led movie, and further installments in the already established standalone series.

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They also pose the question whether this new deal will allow them to use Marvel characters in their future movies and what that means for their creative control since it is hinted that the cameo would not be with Andrew Garfield and the star would most likely be let go of the series.

This doesn't seem like something Marvel would want to do, especially with Sony taking on some of their characters. They have strict contracts with their stars and letting them go work for a studio whose superhero films have been so poorly received doesn't seem like an avenue that Marvel head Kevin Feige would want to take.

Marvel is a studio that carefully calculates their moves and if they bring on Spider-Man, you would have to think it is on their own terms.

Sinister Six is expected to come out on Nov. 11, 2016.

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