Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Series: Actor Could Be Headed To Cutting Board As Marvel May Be Killing Its Canon? [VIDEO]

There has been report after report in this Sony hack that shows that the future of Spider-Man is cloudy with the studio. But could star Andrew Garfield be the one main cog in the crossfire that could end with the character being sent over to Marvel for a make-over?

Sony May Look To The Directors Of This Hit Animated Movie To Take Over 'Spider-Man'

Right now, the state of Spider-Man is in flux. Sony has talked with Marvel about allowing them to take over the character in a deal that would split some of the earnings and allow the latter studio to have full creative control to use him in their future films. But those died, until the hack possibly made them resurface to the fact that they could be a done deal by February.

But where does that leave Andrew Garfield? The star has done a solid job with the role and his chemistry with actual girlfriend Emma Stone has brought some life to an arguably lifeless reboot of the character. But it also seems apparent that Marvel wants to go another direction with the character and Garfield isn't a part of those plans since if they get Spidey, they want to kill all of the previous film's canon.

Andrew Garfield Would Be Re-Cast If Marvel Gets Spider-Man Back

It seems most likely right now that Marvel will get their hands on the series somehow. They are a powerful force right now that can turn anything to gold and Sony needs to get some money back after this investment just hasn't gone well up until this point.

With that being the plan, it seems like Garfield is done, which is a bummer to some. He is likable and carries a more child-like quality than Tobey Maguire had in the role since he felt almost too old to be Peter Parker at times. Garfield also posses a strong wit and humor that made his character feel almost like the superhero coming off the comic book page.

Who knows what actors Marvel will look at if Garfield leaves, but his departure is imminent. It just doesn't seem like Sony is going to move forward with their plan and Garfield is going to be on the cutting board when that happens.

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