'The Amazing Spider-Man 3' Movie News: Sony Could Get Rid Of Marc Webb In Third FIlm & Give Franchise To 'Lego Movie' Directors? [VIDEO]

As more and more information continues to divulge from the Sony hack, it seems like the studio wasn't sold on their current director in the Spider-Man series as many thought. While there is still the chance it doesn't stay there (it seems like if it does), this duo could be taking it over.

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The Daily Beast reported on Sunday that Sony was looking at the possibility of letting Marc Webb, who has directed the past two Spider-Man movies, go and putting Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who directed the Jump Street films and The Lego Movie, in charge of the proposed third movie.

While the report doesn't say that Lord and Miller accepted, or that Webb was even gone, it would be a welcome change of pace to put in the two directors who are currently turning any seemingly poor property into gold in charge of this failing franchise.

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It does seem odd, unless Webb has said that he doesn't want to do it, that they would jump ship on him since he does have a contract through this movie and has been promoting the universe for them. But that could be just a part of their contract and maybe the director is sick of working under these conditions.

It has been made apparent that Sony has not given Webb the most control when it comes to bringing his vision to the screen, and this could play a part in the director's choice to get out of the series. Since his first movie, (500) Days of Summer, this franchise has been the only thing that Webb has done.

As of now, it remains to be seen if Sony will still have the series since talks with Marvel could be starting again. But if they do, it seems like Webb could be on the cutting board with two hot, new names jumping into the Spider-Man world.

Does that mean Channing Tatum will be Peter Parker? One can hope.

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