'The Amazing Spider-Man 3' News: Andrew Garfield Fired From Role Already? Emails May Signal Sony Bosses Aren't Happy With Actor [VIDEO]

Among the emails upon emails that detail a possible deal being struck between Sony and Marvel are a few tidbits that could signal the end of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man even before something with Marvel was signed.

The Future Of Spider-Man Most Likely Doesn't Include Andrew Garfield

Mashable reported on Friday that among the emails found in the Sony hack were some that detailed the plans between Sony and Marvel on a possible deal that would make Spider-Man available for the latter studio's Captain America: Civil War. But it also may say that Garfield is already done with the role.

The emails talk about a cameo in Captain America 3 with Peter Parker showing up and Spider-Man, but a previous email before that talks about how the studio is getting tired of Garfield after the actor failed to appear at a Sony corporate dinner in July which would have seen him meet Sony CEO Kaz Hirai and a number of other executives.

Sony May Look To The Directors Of This Hit Animated Movie To Take Over 'Spider-Man'

While it has been hypothesized that Marvel would look to re-cast the role before putting the character in their movies, now it also seems that if a deal isn't struck, it could mean that Garfield won't even appear in the future movies at Sony because of his soured relationship.

There was talk before the Sony hack of having a re-cast of the part prior to Sinister Six where Spidey would play a crucial role before the new actor would take over the role full-time in the third standalone movie. All of this happening without Garfield or Emma Stone.

It seems like there is some turnover happening with the character and time will tell what will come from it, but we may have seen Garfield as Spider-Man for the last time.

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