'Captain America 3' Movie News: Marvel Doesn't Need Spider-Man For 'Civil War' When They Have The Hulk & Thor To Play The Part [VIDEO]

As Marvel tries to find ways to bring one of their most well-known superheroes to the big screen under their name, do they really have to have Spider-Man? Or are there two replacements that will resonate with audiences more?

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The Hollywood Reporter spoke about this possibility on Sunday as they theorized what Captain America: Civil War could look like without Spider-Man and they found that two current Avengers could fit the bill of what the character would be playing: Thor and The Hulk.

According to the site, Thor and The Hulk have both the familiarity with the audience and the characters to step into the role Spider-Man played in the comic book, as well as the lack of guile necessary to make them suitably unbiased point-of-view characters for the audience. No Peter Parker, or Sony deal, necessary.

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They add that by bringing back Spider-Man for Civil War that feeds more corporate interests than narrative ones. Marvel must want one of their most well-known heroes back under their name and with the success they have had, they have the power to try and bring him back.

This plan of using Thor or Hulk may work, especially with the latter. It looks like in the next movie that either one of the heroes could be dealing with some turmoil with the Hulk showing some signs of sadness and Thor learning about Asgard's destruction by the end of the whole thing.

It probably would be better to bring Hulk on board since Mark Ruffalo hasn't been in many other Marvel movies and it would allow him to take part in a big storyline outside of the Avengers franchise. Not to mention, Chris Hemsworth's deal is coming to a close and Marvel will be using him scarcely from now on.

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