'Justice League' Movie News: Lex Luthor & The Joker Could Team Up To Create Mayhem In 'Part 1' [VIDEO]

While a number of villains and familiar faces will be showing up in the next two entries into the DC shared universe, could two of the most famous villains from the comics be teaming up in the first Justice League movie?

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With Jesse Eisenberg being introduced as Lex Luthor in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Jared Leto appearing as the Joker later that year in Suicide Squad, is it possible that the two villains will team-up in the future? Yes, because they could meet in the second movie.

There were rumors when Suicide Squad was announced that Eisenberg was being cast in the film, but once the cast announcement came out, he wasn't on the list. That doesn't mean that he still won't cameo but it shows that his role will be much more minimal than before.

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But maybe that's because he is set up for a post-credit scene with him meeting the Joker? The rumored plot for Suicide Squad is centered around the team of villains breaking him out of Arkham Asylum, so maybe the person who wanted that job done was Luthor. At the end of the film, he meets with Joker as they plan their next step: get Superman and Batman.

While they may not be the main focus of Justice League: Part 1, they could be a side show that causes problems for the two main heroes of the Justice League. It also could be a lead-in for the standalone movies for both Superman and Batman that are expected to happen at some point.

Either way, it seems likely that both villains will meet up soon and those heroes could be on their minds when they do.

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