Emma Stone appeard on the Late Show with David Letterman and got an unexpected close-up, with his cellphone!

The show posted a video to YouTube on Monday that showed Stone and Letterman getting cozy for a few selfies.

"Wanna take a selfie? Let's do that. My day is getting better and better," Letterman said as he fumbled with his cellphone.

Soft music began to play as Letterman wrapped his arms around Stone and the pair smiled for the photo.

"That's a really really good picture," Stone said of the first photo, that happened to cut off some of her face.

The two prepared for some more pictures as she said, "I think we should just take as many selfies as possible."

The audience was laughing the entire time. "Is that the right way?" Letterman asked of whether he was holding the phone correctly.

Stone took control by holding the phone and taking the selfie of the pair.

"I just learned the term 'selfie' a couple of months ago," said Stone. "It's ridiculous isn't it?" Letterman added.

"It is. Isn't it in the dictionary now?" Stone replied. They shared their photo with the audience and Letterman commented on the fact that he can tell he has high blood pressure in the photo.

YouTube viewers loved the video. One said, "I would do anythingggg to selfieeee with her." Another said, "Awesome stuff :)."

The video has over 56,000 views and 300 up-votes.

Stone is currently playing a leading role in Broadway's Cabaret