Renee Graziano opens up about Natalie Guercio's boyfriend's attack, and it looks like she may be getting replaced on the show.

Fans Call Natalie Guercio A 'Rat'

Mob Wives cast mates Graziano and Guercio have been at each other's necks since last season, and it looks like things are getting more intense.

On Sunday Guercio opened up about her boyfriend, London Rene being attacked in a Brooklyn nightclub and it looks like Graziano really has no sympathy for her.

Natalie Guercio's Identifies Boyfriend Attacker

Graziano threw a little bit of shade at Guercio in her Twitter post on Tuesday, and things between the sworn enemies could get worse.

The Twitter post said, "I'm not in agreement with what happened but a word of advice from the [heart] if you would life people to respect your privacy, lay off social media and stay off TMZ."

The reality star still wasn't done. On Thursday Guercio also took to Instagram to share a photo of she and what seems to be the "new Natalie."

That's right, it look like Guercio is being replaced. Graziano and "new Natalie", Natalie Didanato, are traveling to Vegas on Friday for a fun girls getaway.

Graziano captioned the photo, "Vegas here we come!!! The new addition to Mob Wives the very sexy no drama Natalie Didanato and myself will be turning up from January 2nd till January 6th."

There's really no telling how Guercio will respond to Graziano's shade, but it's safe to say that she will and when she does, fans will get a front row seat to watch the drama erupt.

The season 5 drama of Mob Wives returns next week at 9 p.m. on Bravo!

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