‘America’s Next Top Model’ News: Cycle 21’s Lenox Tillman Sets Fans Of The Show Straight On Twitter About TV Editing, ‘It’s Not Always What You Think’ [VIDEO]


America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 contestant Lenox Tillman recently had to set some fans of the reality TV show straight on Twitter in regard to how things were edited during her season.

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Tillman placed fourth during Cycle 21 some fans got on her case recently about her behavior on the show.

On Jan. 9, one America's Next Top Model fan tweeted Tillman, "u should stop hating on other girls."

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Tillman replied asking, "When have I?" The fan responded she was rewatching ANTM and noticed Tillman was "so mean" to fellow contestant Chantelle Young.

Tillman revealed to this fan, "It's not always what you think" since TV edits tend to change things around a lot.

On Jan. 11, another fan of the show gave some "words of advice" to Tillman. This fan dished, "Being catty makes a pretty girl look ugly fast."

Tillman asked, "When did I act catty?"

The fan fired back with how Tillman behaved when Adam Smith advanced and Tillman got eliminated. The fan stated, "you were spewing venom."

Tillman explained to this fan that she was always happy during the show's filming and she even congratulated Smith. She further shared, "tv is edited and they cut and paste things. You shouldn't always assume stuff".

The fan also brought up how Tillman acted toward Young and insisted it was "jealousy," which Tillman said was untrue.

"I didn't like how hateful and rude she was, which was an opinion I and everyone else was entitled to," Tillman revealed. She further dished she wasn't concerned about taking her down over "stupid jealousy" and pointed out "You didn't see everything".

Tillman then retweeted a fan who said, "Don't take reality shows seriously, they're not real."

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